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At CMF, we believe in celebrating individual beauty. Our compassionate team stands by clear, safe, and tailored treatments, ensuring you're a valued part of our community from day one.

We stand beside you, listening closely to your concerns and crafting a thoughtful plan tailored just for you.
100% of our patients go home the same day
98% of our patients recover within the first week or two
100% satisfaction rate with post-operation care
0% anesthesia complications

Our Story

CMF Surgeons, the office of Timothy Osborn, MD, DDS, FACS is a craniofacial surgery clinic that focuses on enhancing your facial aesthetics through a variety of minimally invasive, surgical, or complementary treatment options.

We are a mission-driven organization that wants to help you achieve the best facial aesthetic, whether it is reshaping your nose or chin, improving skin or wrinkles, or you can’t find the words to describe what would give you your best look.


Our physicians and staff will work with you to hear your concerns, communicate an effective plan, and provide experience-oriented visits to help you look and feel your best.



CMF Surgeons is a brand that embodies the principle that physical and mental wellness can be achieved by us all. Beauty is intrinsic but not passive. Extrinsic factors influence but do not allow or prevent our wellness. Self-love and acceptance are the universal goals that we represent. Everyone belongs at CMF Surgeons.


To help those who interact with CMF Surgeons in the journey to physical and mental wellness by providing information, treatment, and services that facilitate self-exploration, acceptance, and self-love.

Meet Dr. Tim Osborn

MD, DDS, FACS, Medford Plastic Surgeon

Melding world-class training practices, refining skills in Boston, and guiding tomorrow's CMF surgeons. Now at C.M.F. Associates, he champions unparalleled care for all. Join our journey.

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Our Team

We’re more than just skilled professionals; we’re a family dedicated to understanding and supporting your journey. Dive in to meet the dedicated individuals who make it all possible.

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