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Adriana Ferreira

Operations Manager & Surgical Coordinator of Facial Plastic Surgery

Adriana is a cornerstone of the CMF family, illuminating our practice with her expertise in facial plastic surgery coordination. Her dual grounding in the medical field and military brings an unmatched dedication and precision to every interaction.

Drawing from her surgical assistance experiences, Adriana ensures that every operation flows smoothly, always centering patient outcomes. It's about weaving clinical proficiency with a genuine commitment to each individual. Her vigilance in maintaining a pristine environment speaks to her unwavering commitment to excellence and safety.

Her military background has gifted her with a strong sense of discipline and teamwork. This ethos shines through in her interactions, as she collaboratively navigates the challenges of the medical realm. Her knack for thriving in intense scenarios is evident, garnering respect from her peers.

In the midst of her impactful career, Adriana is also on a quest for further knowledge, pursuing her nursing degree. This drive showcases her unending commitment to refining her skills and offering unparalleled care at CMF.

Off-duty, Adriana finds solace in the company of her husband and their loyal dog, Bella, reminding us that balance is the key to a life well-lived.

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