The use of dermal Fillers for Genioplasty

I am frequently asked if a filler can be used to augment the chin, and it certainly can be. The issue is that it typically lasts for only a few weeks to months unless a semi-permanent filler like Radiesse is used. The reason for its quick elimination is that the chin has a lot of muscle action that directly puts pressure on the filler. The muscle pressure will cause the filler to dissolve, or worse, to migrate asymmetrically. A dermal filler is normally a superficial injection near the skin surface, but in the chin, it has to be below the muscle but on top of the bone. This is like putting a lot of jam between two pieces of bread and squishing it-it’s not going to stay where you put it. There are a couple of reasons why providers will recommend chin augmentation with filler.

First is more cost-effective in the short term to do it with a filler; there is no surgical fee, no sedation needed, and relatively speaking a syringe or two of filler is far cheaper than an implant or genioplasty. Second, most providers who do chin augmentation with fillers don’t have the ability to put in an implant, yet they may not want to tell you that. The problem with having a diverse population of providers who can do injectables is that it becomes competitive and marketing is often more effective than doing good work. When you are considering any aesthetic treatment, it is essential to know all of the options; surgical, non-surgical, injection, or otherwise.

At CMF, we encourage you to ask questions and make sure we understand your goals, your history, and when presented with the options we will help you pick the best treatment.


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