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Lauren White

Clinical Assistant

Lauren is an essential thread in the fabric of the CMF team, weaving together clinical expertise and aesthetic insight. Her background as an EMT and aesthetician offers a reassuring depth to her role, ensuring our patients receive well-rounded care.

Emergencies have trained her to remain steady and responsive, a skill that's palpable when she’s at work. Patients and colleagues find comfort in her calm demeanor, and her ability to handle situations with grace instills an added layer of trust in their CMF journey.

Lauren’s touch as an aesthetician is subtle yet profound. She believes in the art of listening, in understanding each patient's unique aspirations, ensuring their desires are echoed in their treatment plans.

Integral to our patient process, Lauren oversees everything from initial consultations to the steps that follow, acting as a consistent guide. Her organizational finesse ensures every CMF experience is seamless, with patients always feeling they're in capable, caring hands.

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