Director of Operations, Shelly Pitts

Shelly Pitts, MSN, RN, CNOR
Director of Operations

Shelly Pitts is the Director of Operations at CMF Surgical and serves our patients in providing safe, compassionate, and efficient surgical care. Her education, training, and proficiency as a perioperative nurse improve the experience of our patients. Her approach to team-building, continuity of care, and patient safety are built on a foundation of education, training, and diverse clinical exposure. Shelly is responsible for our clinical protocols, safety initiatives, emergency response, and process improvement. Her clinical interests include anesthetic safety, aesthetics, and surgical care for pediatric patients.

Shelly brings a wealth of experience in pediatrics, trauma, and surgical care from her experience at Boston Medical Center. She was a critical team member and advocate for her patients needing immediate and elective surgical care. She has been widely acclaimed for her excellence and qualifications as a perioperative nurse. The mission at CMF is to provide a safe, patient-centric experience, and Shelly embodies that goal. With her background in pediatric and trauma care, she has benefited from the team approach to critical care. Shelly has worked extensively with all of our providers beginning at Boston Medical and is well-known as an energetic, diligent, and compassionate professional.

Facial Plastic Surgery Coordinator, Adriana

Adriana – Surgical Coordinator of Facial Plastic Surgery

Adriana graduated from military Dental assisting school in 2014, where she became a Certified Dental Assistant and have been working in the dental field since then. She’s still very active in the military and belongs to a dental reserves unit out of Fort Devens, MA. Our most recent addition to CMF Cranio-Maxillofacial Surgery Associates.

In her spare time, Adriana devotes her time weight lifting, running, snowboarding, and any outdoor activities but let’s not forget our favorite is her delicious and nutritional desserts.

Among everything she does, Oral Surgery is her biggest passion; a veteran when it comes to customer service and providing holistic, patient-centered care, and positive client outcomes is her drive.

Clinical Assistant, Lauren

Lauren – Clinical Assistant

Lauren joined CMF with experience as an EMT and aesthetician. She brings a wealth of clinical and aesthetic knowledge to the practice.

Lauren enjoys spending time with our patients to learn about their aesthetic goals and desires.

She plays a critical role in the patient intake process as well as care coordination.

She also works closely with our surgeons to ensure patients receive the best care possible.

Administrative Director, Ann Marie

AnnMarie – Administrative Director

AnnMarie comes to CMF with many years of experience. Her background includes billing, customer service, and practice coordination.

She is dedicated to providing our patients with the best possible patient experience and enjoys being a part of each patient’s journey.

Striving to make each patient comfortable and cared for, AnnMarie brings a high level of compassion and service to CMF.

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