Why Dr. Osborn Does Transgender Reconstruction

My training in Oregon was amazing! It introduced me to a community of LGBT that growing up in Minnesota (the middle of nowhere’s suburb), it was something that just never came up. I trained with one of the nation’s best SRS surgeons and we did everything from transition to breast reconstruction, with a particular focus on facial reconstruction. My experience in the head and neck, and being a “face guy,” made it an area of particular interest to me.

Witnessing the external transition of our patients and almost sense of relief that when they look in the mirror they see the face of who they should be. As a plastic surgeon and a dentist, Dr. Tuan Nguyen had a unique perspective on the jaws and the face. With my experience with facial surgery and jaw reconstruction, we were able to do things to not only bring out the true appearance but also improve function. Being a part of that aspect of the transition has been something I have missed.

One of the things I have seen in the patients who are seeking facial surgery is that there are underlying skeletal issues (like overbite, underbite) and dental issues that could be fixed with invisible braces. My wife is a board-certified orthodontist and we work on a number of patients together for aligning teeth in order to better align jaws.

There is no other orthodontist that I know of that will specifically work on addressing the dental concerns so that I can better treat the face. We are the only office in North America that can offer full facial rejuvenation, feminization, masculinization, rhinoplasty, and re-contouring along with orthodontics to straighten teeth and give a functional bite.

We not only address the appearance but the functional aspects of the face and jaws. When I went to medical school, one of the astounding things was that the teeth are often completely ignored. One of the truly unique things about our office is no matter who our patient is, they get an evaluation and assessment of how the teeth can look better, not only the face. You could have the best surgeon in the world, get a million-dollar facelift, and if the teeth don’t look good, nothing will look good.

I have had a few patients ask me, why haven’t you been doing this type of surgery here in Boston? First, I have but like anything, it can be hard to get recognized for what you do.

Second, I was at Boston University for a long time and it was an institution that likes to foster pioneers if the powers that be approve that you should be doing it. The range of practice of surgeons in my specialty in Boston is often very limited. It’s just geographic and reflects the difference in training you will get, so anyone that breaks outside of that mold is often questioned. When you are not “part of the club” and want to stretch the comfort level of others you work with, you are not always met with support (and quite the opposite).

And third, now that I am my own boss again, I am back at it and ready to reinvigorate my passion for working with some truly remarkable individuals to help on their journey to who they know they are.

Unlike a big institution, we are not exclusive in our inclusivity. We have a new office in the seaport or our office in Medford, so send me a message, call the office, or do whatever you need to see what we can do to help you put your best face forward.

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